Dear friend,

Welcome to my blog, the purpose of which is to share with you the lessons that life, enlightened by Biblical Truth and the multi-faceted Armenian experience, has taught me.

I was born and raised in Lebanon, but the Lebanese civil war ushered me to Montreal, Canada, where I studied Electrical Engineering and worked in the field for almost fourteen years. It was then that I felt the Call to embark on an adventurous life-journey to my native yet unfamiliar land of Armenia, which was still recovering from a post-independence economic collapse, a severe earthquake and a war. Leaving my engineering career, the house and the cars in the rear-view mirror, I ventured on a mission-career to Armenia, where I served with the Armenian Missionary Association of America for twenty-six years. Currently, my family and I live in Canada, where I work for the AMAA.

My Christian faith, rooted in the Armenian Evangelical tradition, has been a guiding light and a transformative force since my youth. It has shaped my worldview, values and habits. Despite the uncertainties, pains, and storms of life, it has made my life most meaningful and profoundly fulfilling. My take on the Christian life is that among other things it is about an ongoing process of the improvement of oneself for the benefit of self and humanity. My hope is that my articles land on mindsĀ that share my passion for growth and maturity.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and know that your thoughts and comments on my musings are always welcome.

Harout Nercessian